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Why SAC?

Wasted money on tutoring in the past? 

Spending more hours on homework after tutoring classes? 

The teacher does not go through the questions in class? 

Following behind at school?

Wanting to accelerate at school? 


...We hear you.

How Tutoring Should Be

Closing all the gaps in learning

Meeting the criteria and goals in learning

Reducing the time spent on learning new concepts in homework

Accelerating beyond peers in the classroom

Building confidence, not anxiety

Be supported, not intimidated

Get regular reports on the student’s progress

SAC Tutoring: Tutoring That Actually Works

We don’t just set any untaught and new content for homework

We don’t just let you or your child attempt the questions on their own on the first go

We break down every question step-by-step

We teach understanding

Our textbooks are written and designed by Registered Teachers and Examiners

Our tutors are hand-picked, world-class trained and assessed.

Our courses follow the National Australian Curriculum

Over 20 years of experience

Promising results in selective school entry and VCE scores

What people say about us

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Our Results

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Of our English students achieved a study score of more than 40.


Of our students got into their selective school of choice.


Of our Maths students achieved a study score of more than 40.


Average ATAR score of 93.00.


Of our Science students achieved a study score of more than 40.


Of our students improved their school report.

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