3 MUST Knows About SEAS

If VTAC has still confused you about what SEAS is, well you’ve come to the right spot.

SEAS is what you apply for when you are studying in a difficult time during year 12.

These difficult circumstances includes:

Category 1 - Personal information and location

Category 2 - Disadvantaged financial background

Category 3 - Disability or medical condition

Category 4 - Difficult personal circumstances

1. What Is It?

SEAS refers to the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), which was created by VTAC and recognised by many institutions and universities.

It is created to ensure all students are recognised for their true potential from situations that have impacted on their learning.

Yes, that’s right we are being looked at for more than just our scores.

It considers factors like location, finances, disability and medical circumstances, or anything that we may not have been able to control during this already stressful time.

While your ATAR does not reflect who you are and your ability to succeed at university,

SEAS ensures that it:

  • levels out the playing field for all applicants

  • creates a way for you to have the opportunity to get into your dream course

  • And takes into consideration difficult circumstances that have affected your education

How does this all work?

The Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) works in a way that it takes into consideration any hardships you may have faced while you were studying in Year 12, and adjusts your ATAR

These adjustments will be made to your combined study scores, which will affect your ATAR.

- Your ATAR will be recalculated to be adjusted for your circumstances.

- The universities will then use this ‘recalculated’ ATAR to then make their decision.

To see how your ATAR may be affected, use the SEAS calculator and find out what sort of difference it could make for you!


Ultimately, It is aimed at recognising the circumstances that may have affected you and your education to ensure that it is fair for all.

Think of it as you are asking for an extension for work.

You provide your reasons, and the teacher gives you a chance to finish the work.

You still have the chance to do work like everyone else!

2. How Do I Know If I Qualify?

In order to have your SEAS application to be considered valid, you need to apply for at least one category that is relevant to you.

3. When To Apply?

Take down these dates year 12s, write them, highlight them, just take it down!

August 5th (2020) at 9am is when SEAS applications open

October 11th (2020) at 5pm is when they close.


Don’t be that person that hasn’t done it yet and it's October 10th, you will seriously regret putting it off.

You will regret not taking this opportunity!

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