All you need to know before Enrolments

The whole enrolment process for starting a new primary and secondary school or changing schools can be an intimidating and paper heavy process. Here’s a checklist that can help alleviate some stress to ensure the application process is smooth and that everything is set ready to go.

1. Book a school tour

The first step in the whole enrolment process is to book a tour with the school of your choice. In the tour, an administrator will guide you around the key facilities, discuss the subjects and extra curricula offered and finally provide you the needed paperwork required.

2. Get all necessary paperwork

You will need:

*Child’s proof of birth (certificate, passport or travel documents)

*Contact details for both parents and children

*Contact details for emergency contact

*Doctors and dentist details

*Immunisation certificates

*Indicate other spoken languages at home

*Special requirements and supporting documents

3. Inquire online, over the phone or in person

If in the case that you are ensure about anything, it is best to first look on their website, call the school of drop by for a discussion. They are always willing to help guide the enrolment process for you and can provide instant feedback on your questions.

4. Submit and wait

After you’ve completed all the paper work, it is best to place it all in a plastic folder, manila folder or clip the documents together so you are not missing any required paperwork. Submit it all at once and if in the case that you’ve forgotten any documents the school with contact you, so do not worry too much.

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