Best Tips to Balance Gaming and Studying


gaming taking over your life?

Are you using the excuse, “One more round…” before you ignore your stack of homework?

We feel that.

But we’re gonna give you the best tip on how to balance gaming and studying.

It’s as simple as: studying without your gaming equipment out.

Yes, it kinda sounds painful at first, but it works!

If you have the distraction of your computer, your keyboard, and your controller, your hands are gonna be itching to touch them.

To avoid that beautiful temptation, you’re gonna have to either study at a desk that doesn’t have your gaming stuff on it, or clear it all together.

If you don’t take our advice and end up studying on your gaming desk, you’re gonna spend ten hours gaming and not even a second studying.

That’s super counterproductive.

Get yourself a well lit area with either a lamp or natural lighting, and remove anything on your desk that isn’t necessary for studying.

Once you’re sure you’ve completed all of your homework, reward yourself by gaming to your heart’s content.

If you’re still unsure about how to clear your desk, check out our other blog post, 3 Top Anti-Procrastination Tips for more tips and tricks!

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