Choosing a School in Victoria

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Applications for enrolment in all levels of education have begun! Choosing the school that your child will be spending majority of their lives can be a nerve racking experience and can be a head sore.

Here are 5 things you need to consider when choosing a new school.

1. Distance

The distance between your home and school is a major factor that many families and parents consider when enrolling their children. It is ideal if the school is within a reasonable driving distance as you don’t want to let your children spend most of their time travelling to and from school.

2. Type of school

There are many different types of schools ranging from government schools, non government schools (i.e. Catholic, private and independent schools), language schools, specialist schools (John Monash, Maribyrnong Secondary College) and selective entry high schools.

Each type of schooling offers different programs, so it is important to look into that matter on their website or drop in for a school tour.

3. Fees and programs

Fees and the extensive list of programs that the school offers is a major incentive for many families. Pick a school where it is within your budget and note down the programs that stand out from select schools.

4. Values

Each school has their own personal motto and values and this helps shape how the school organises its events for the students. If the values are relatable and coincide with your families, note this down as a potential candidate.

5. Child’s needs and interests

Your children will be the ones that experience all the schooling events, activities and teaching, so it is fundamental that the school is able to cater to their needs and interests. If they love studying science and want to pursue a potential career in health, specialist schools can be an option. If they like sporting, check if the school offers an extensive list of sporting extra curricula.

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