GAT 101

The GAT.

The General Achievement Test.

What exactly is it?

In American movies, we hear teenagers stress over their SATs, which is basically the American version of our GAT.

Think of it like a more in depth, Buzzfeed Quiz.

Basically, it’s a standardised test, meaning that it contains general knowledge questions from a bunch of different subjects.

These subjects include:

  • English (Written communication)

  • Mathematics, science and technology

  • humanities, the arts, and social sciences.

This test is taken by all Year 12 VCE students (even if you're in Year 11) before they complete their studies, and is under similar conditions to an exam.

But what is the purpose of the GAT?

Well, it’s used to compare with your end of year exams.

This is to make sure that all of your exams have been fairly marked, based on what you scored on the GAT.

To answer the most common question: yes, the GAT does matter.

So make sure that you perform well and achieve the best that you can, by checking out previous GAT papers.

You can do this by checking out the VCAA website, where links to the previous GAT papers are archived, along with the answers.

Download previous GAT papers here -

We suggest picking an old paper or two, printing them out, and attempting them at home.

Once you’ve completed the papers, compare your answers to the answer sheets provided on the website.

This is the most effective and efficient way to prepare for the GAT.

Just remember: stay calm, practise, and breathe.

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