How to get your kids to conquer their time tables

Updated: May 21

Knowing your times tables is one of the most fundamental maths skills that every student learns. As it is a foundation in mathematics, the more familiar and confident students are with their time tables, the easier and more efficient they will be able to complete standard maths equations.

Here are some tips as to how students can learn and improve their time table skills.

Start with the basics and move up

It’s always important to start with the smaller time tables and slowly move up. Start with 1 time tables, then 2, then 3 and only progress if they are 100% confident that they know it.

Use some tricks

Sometimes remembering all their time tables can be difficult. Here’s a fun and efficient trick students can use with their hands if they're stuck on a question or time table.


Place a poster in their study area

Placing a poster in students’ study areas are a really efficient and fun way for them to learn. Children are visual learners, so the more they are exposed to something, the quicker they learn. Also, make sure to pick out a colourful poster so it promotes creativity and stimuli.

Quiz them regularly

Quiz your children regularly. During the car ride to school, quiz them. This stimulates their minds letting them stay alert and active before class starts. Another way is to put a timer and see how many timetable questions they can knock out. Or even race with them, kids love races!


Reward their efforts

Students really enjoy rewards, whether it be a new toy, 10 additional minutes of playtime or even a small break from their usual study session. Rewards also provide incentives and self satisfactory for students.

Key tip: Make them say it out loud. It’s scientifically proven that saying things out loud increasing your chances of remembering them.

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