Languages in VCE

Often overlooked, there is a wide range on offer in the VCE curriculum of language subjects. Learning a language can benefit you greatly, both short and long term, and is a chance you should certainly undertake if you are given the chance.

Here’s a few key things you need to consider and know about taking a language in VCE

Previous Language experience

Most high schools will make students learn a language either up to year 9 or 10. These can vary depending on your school, with mainly Chinese, French, German and Japanese being offered. By learning a language, this sets out a gateway for you to undertake that language at a VCE level, which you’ll be able to learn the language in depth and apply it to an advanced level (i.e. essay writing and oral presentations).

It is recommended that you stay with the same language that you have learn since year 7.

What does it involve?

Learning a language at VCE can be different from the language classes you usually have at year 10 and below. Language units are structures so that you learn a few set language conventions and are they allowed to apply those sentence structures in essays and conversations. It is more advanced, and you’ll find that you will be able to actively use the language more effectively.

What are the benefits?

Learning a language in VCE allows you to gain a new perspective on a different culture. It is very different from the usual VCE subjects and allows you to be creative with how you used that language. In the long term, this can benefit you greatly in your career and social interactions as many organisations are looking for bilingual or multilingual applicants.

What are my options and how can I undertake them?

There are two primary ways you can undertake language in VCE, either at school or outside with a separate language school. If you are doing the later, make sure you register it under the VTAC and you should be set to go.

Please consider that undertaking a language in VCE does require a lot of commitment and work as learning a language can be very difficult and often intimidating. However, your teacher is always there to help and languages are a great way for you to understand how the world interacts in today’s society.

School of academic coaching also provides Chinese as a second language so make sure to enquire!

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