6 Ways to increase your Vocabulary!

Updated: May 21

Here are 6 ways to increase your word bank in no time!

1. Expand your booklist

The most effective way to learn new words is to expand and explore a different array of books and texts. Watch movies, read news articles, non-fiction or fiction pieces. Each form will usually use a different style of language and vocabulary. Exposure is key!

2. Write down new words you come across

Keep a vocabulary journal or table. Jot down new words to come across and below it find a word that has a similar meaning so you can remember it quickly. Writing a word down also improves your chances of remembering that word later on!

3. Pick up a thesaurus

A simple way would be to pick up a thesaurus. If you find yourself always repeating the same word or have trouble finding other words, a thesaurus is your best friend to find other words that mean the same.

4. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts can be very soothing to listen to and sometimes an effective way to learn new words. It’s also effective to learn how to use those new words in a sentence or when speaking. Some enjoyable podcasts would be Ear Biscuits, RadioLab, TED Talks Daily.

5. Experiment and have fun with it!

Try using some news words in your sentences! It’s fine to make a mistake, but once your teacher corrects it, you’ll know when and how to use that word correctly later on.

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