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Updated: May 14

Private tutoring offers a comprehensive and interactive one on one session in which a tutor coaches or teaches a student. Tutors provide a personalised session in which students are taught how to effectively and efficiently understand and utilise new and existing study skills and concepts.

If you think private tutoring is for your child, here are a few key reasons why you should jump on board and start now!

Personalised learning

With the tutor working closely with a student, this allows them to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. This can then help them create a personalised learning experience that can maximise the students study skills and habits, ensuring that they approach learning positively.

Help with homework

With 5 to 6 subjects at school that students have to take, it is normal to potentially fall behind in some school work. Private tutoring allows the student to complete homework or bring work from school they are unsure about. Tutors can help ensure that they effectively complete their homework with complete understanding on the content.

Foster interactive and confident learning

Sometimes with a large classroom, not all students are able to speak up and this can make others shy away from interacting in class and voicing their opinions. Private tutoring allows the student to actively speak and discuss during sessions, fostering a positive approach to learning. This can then boost their confidence and can then be transferred into their school environment.

Improves academic performance

Usually, private tutors provide more exercises and work outside of the school environment that can help improve the academic performance of a student. Accelerated work can be taught and provided, which can help boost a students grades at school.

Enhance study habits and independence

Students that undertake private tutoring generally have a sense of academic independence. This is when they are able to take initiative and responsibility for their learning and academic performance. Through private tutoring this can enable a student to understand that learning can be fulfilling and may therefore drive them to approach learning effectively.

If you are considering private tutoring, SAC offers many subjects ranging from English, Maths and Science based subjects. If you are interested, from free to contact your nearest SAC location!

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