Report cards and how to read them

Each term or end of year, students are provided with reports and these documents can be filled with a frightening amount of information that can be daunting to understand.

Reports are firstly designed to provide an indicator of how well your child is performing based on the formal Educational curriculum for their year level. Your child’s standard is usually showed on a chart, given a letter grade or a bell chart.

It will also generally include their behaviour in the classroom, motivation, if they’ve completed their homework and a few comments about the general process in the schooling environment.

The A to F grade indicates as follows:

A: Indicates your child is well above the expected standard

B: indicates your child is above the expected standard

C: indicates you child is at expected standard

D: indicates your child is below the expected standard

E: indicates your child a well below the expected standard.

Note that sometimes report cards can be different from each school and if you are ever unsure, don’t be afraid to bring it in to school and ask.

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