Selecting your VCE Subjects: Key considerations

The VCE curriculum offers a wide variety of subjects that can cater to all students. Avoid choosing subjects that, ‘everyone else seems to take.’ Instead, focus on your strengths and interests and the chances of you achieving a score you desire will probably increase.

Here are some key criteria you need to consider

1. Breath: It is important to sometimes consider a variety of different subjects (i.e. Maths, Humanities, Arts). This will also possible help you prepare for a range of possible career options and provide you a greater insight into which career path you want to take in the future.

2. Interest: Choose subjects that you genuinely enjoy (at least two!). Students generally do better in subjects that they have a keen interest on and it also makes the learning process a lot less tiring!

3. Tertiary Prerequisites: If there’s a specific career and tertiary course you want to get into, make sure you research what pre requisite subjects are needed and what score the university is looking for.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs on which VCE subjects might be the one for you.

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