Selective Entry Schools: What are they?

Selective entry schools are schools designed specifically for like minded and academically gifted students. Victoria offers four selective entry schools; Melbourne High School, Mac.Robertson Girls, Nossal High and Suzanne Cory High School, all of which have been consistently ranked in Melbourne's top 20 high schools.

The main focus of selective entry schools is to promote and nurture elite academic performance, leadership and independence. With entry starting from year 9 going up to year 12, students are able to engage in a dynamic array of opportunities ranging from overseas exchange, sporting events and co curricular activities.

With over 80% of students enrolled in the four selective entry high schools achieving an ATAR of above 90, entry into these schools is a very competitive process.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child into a selective entry school?

Academic focus:

Students coming into selective entry schools are bright, ambitious and driven individuals that value the importance of education.

Encourage independence:

Selective entry schools value student’s individual learning progress and encourage independence and decision making through ongoing guidance by teachers and counselors

Offers dynamic co curricular activities:

Ranging from drama, music, community work and exchange programs, students are provided the opportunity to enhance and improve their leadership skills which progress into their tertiary schooling and professional careers.


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