Social-distancing rules in a classroom when face-to-face classes resume.

The health department is currently improving their strategy to reduce the likelihood of transmission of COVID- 19 in the community. From 25th of May primary school as well as year 11 and 12 students will return to school.

Prime Minister Scott Morrision stated that the 1.5 metres apart rule is not required in classrooms, however, here at the School of Academic Coaching we are going to implement this rule. We are going to seperate the tables 2 metres apart with a limit of 10 students per classroom. Those who are not in classrooms will continue their online classes as usual.

1. Every half an hour tables, chairs and handles will be disinfected, also students will be asked to sanitise their hands regularly. Staff will be wearing gloves and masks to prevent any contamination.

2. We will be monitoring our students carefully by asking their wellness and checking their temperature on arrival of class. Any symptoms that persist will be notified to parents and asked to maintain a safe distance from other parents, teachers and students.

3. As a community we need to maintain our good habits of keeping our physical distance towards one another and keep practising good hygiene to protect against infection and prevent the spread of any other diseases. Along with this we need to keep our psychological and physical well- being by eating healthy, exercising and sleeping well.

To see how classes are going to be like click on this link.

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