Structure of VCE: What you need to know

Going into VCE is a major step for most high school students and it can be overwhelming understanding all the details and requirements set out by the Victorian Curriculum.

Here’s a few facts outlining the structure of VCE to help you through!

Most studies offer four units, but students do not have to take all four units

There are two levels in VCE:

Units 1 and 2

These are your introductory units into your desired subject you wish to take in Year 12 (for some at year 11). Most students will take both units in a study in year 10 or 11. However, if you don’t feel like it’s the right subject for you, you can stop at unit 1 and start at unit 2 for another subject. (i.e. Complete unit 1 Chemistry. Don’t take unit 2 Chemistry).

Units 3 and 4

These are your advanced level of unit ½ subjects and will be directly counted towards your overall ATAR score. If you start unit 3, you MUST complete unit 4 of that subject.

There are key requirements for VCE graduation

You must do an English subject (Mainstream English, English Language, Literature or EAL)

You must complete 16 units in total by the end of Year 12 (These include your 1/2 Units)

You will need to complete the General Achievement Test (GAT)

Head into SAC for any further questions about the structure of VCE and subject selections!

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