Term 4: prime season for tutor enrolments!

With Term 4 being the final term for students before they embark on to a new school calendar year, it is important that they feel well prepared and confident.

This is why tutoring is a really efficient and great way to make sure your children are feeling academically prepared for the upcoming new year.

Here’s a list of why you should enrol your children for tutoring now

Make them feel prepared and confident

When starting a new year, it’s quite intimidating learning new concepts in a limited time period at school. This is where tutor is most helpful as SAC provides accelerated school work on top of the standard school curricula. Students are taught important key concepts before their cohort in school at tutoring. This will allow them to understand and be very well prepared when the actual concept is introduced at school, letting them accelerate in their class.

Improve social skills

By enrolling your children at tutoring, they are able to interact with students from other schools and make friends that share the same values in academics. It also allows them to improve their social network by exposing them to students from other schools. Classes at SAC are highly interactive and tutors are always making sure all students participate in class room work.

Homework help

Some students can be overwhelmed with the school work they have at school or might not completely understand the exercises and homework tasks they are given. Tutoring at SAC provides free homework help and can allow students to catch up on their homework and make sure that they completely understand the content before they complete their exercises. This way, your children can feel less stressed or discouraged when they are unsure on how to complete their homework exercises.

Small and interaction classes

At SAC, it is important to us that the classes are not too big and this allows all students to participate and engage in class work exercises. As a result, spaces can be limited for certain times and days, so make sure you enquire soon so we can provide you our class timetables. At SAC we are always opening up new classes depending on the level of enrolments for a specific year level, so make sure you refer your friends and family so we can open up classes suitable for your times.

Enrol now and let your children have that head start they need at SAC!

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