How to establish good homework habits for the new year

Updated: May 19, 2019

Competing homework is a major component of a students education. Here's some tips to help get them handing in their work on time!

Designate a specific area to do homework

The location of where students learn is very important. Try to make the place bright and colourful to foster creativity. It also needs to be a well lit place that is relatively quiet. Avoid areas near T.V, kitchens and play areas.

Regularly check on your child’s homework progress and habits

Is he/she struggling with some areas more than others? How long can they focus for? It’s important to regularly check on your child’s homework session rather than leave them for an hour. Encourage them regularly and make sure they stay focused.

Establish a homework time

Allocated times to do homework is fundamental in creating a routine for your child. It’s also better to break down homework everyday rather than finish it in one sitting. This will put less pressure on your child and they can look at homework in a more positive attitude.

Set a goal for your child

Setting goals for you child’s homework allows them to have some sense of direction. For example, ‘Jason will finish 5 maths questions today.’ This will allow your child to also have a goal that he/she will want to reach.

Reward and motivate them

It is important to understand that children need rewards and incentives to complete homework. Whether it be 10 minutes television time during break or even a small candy treat. Tell them that they’ve done well and they’ll look at homework positively.

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