Top 3 Tips from VCE Graduates

The world beyond high school sounds kinda scary, especially when for your whole life, you’ve been in high school.

High school is really sheltered compared to the real world - you’re not alone in feeling anxious about the future.

Below, we have some advice from some of our tutoring staff, who are all VCE graduates.

The advice comes from graduates who have all taken very different directions from the next person, so you’ll have a wide range of ideas to think about.

1. Uni Isn’t Life or Death

With many students growing up with traditional parents, uni may seem like a life or death situation.

Although, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get admitted, or if you don’t think it’s your top choice.

There are plenty more options for students to further their education, like independent schools and TAFE.

If furthering your education isn’t super urgent, slow down and take a deep breath.

There’s always the option to take a gap year.

You can take a gap year so you can travel, work, and take care of your own well being before making the next step.

2. Start Saving Money

Money is a topic that isn’t talked about enough among students and youth.

But a top tip for students just coming out from high school, is to apply to as many jobs as you can and choose that one you believe will give you a stable income.

The job you take on should be able to give you enough money to spend, as well as enough to put into your savings account.

It’s important to start saving at a young age, because by the time you hit your twenties or thirties and you want to buy a car or house, you’ll have that extra money to put towards it.

Money can be a tricky topic, but don’t be afraid to start posing questions to your parents about what they spend their money on and how.

It’ll be a legit ‘adulting’ step.

3. Self Care

Maybe you’ve seen some self care routines on YouTube and wish you had the time to do it yourself.

Self care can range from anything between: skin care, meditation, gaming, eating well, and exercise.

Nowadays, our society is beginning to understand the importance of good mental health and well being.

While you guys juggle classes and work after high school finishes, it’s important to schedule in some self care.

Everyone’s self care routine may be different, because everyone’s personal needs are different.

You can include self care into your schedule by blocking it out with your other commitments.

Maybe you’ll have class from 3pm to 6pm on a Wednesday and work from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

If that’s the case and your schedule runs late, try and fit your self care routine into the morning before you commute to class.

There’s no right or wrong way to do your self care routine, as long as you feel the difference.

These are all topics that are worth discussing, either with your parents, teachers, mentors, and friends.

You guys will always benefit from asking questions; it’s the best way to learn.

If you guys would like more personalised advice and mentoring, feel free to check our website for class schedules so you can drop in for a visit.

Our expert tutors are more than happy to mentor you in not just your studies, but your future.

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