My school is underrepresented. What does this mean?

You’ve probably been hearing that you come from an underrepresented school or have seen this term floating around especially on uni websites or VTAC.

Don’t stress!

We are here to break it down for you.

So what exactly does it mean?

It is a criteria that universities consider when looking at your application for their courses. It was introduced to take into consideration if you may have been at a disadvantage, meaning institutions and universities want to ensure you still have the chance to study further in your education.

Schools under this list come from mostly rural areas and almost all of the urban state schools are included.

You can check if your school is considered underrepresented by the following universities:

Monash University

Melbourne University

Deakin University


How does it help you?

Being from an underrepresented school is not seen as a disadvantage, rather it provides you more

of an opportunity to go to university despite your circumstances of the location of your school.


How to apply?

Step 1: Before you start ticking on the VTAC website that you do go to an underrepresented school, check!

You can use the links listed above, to see if you qualify.

Step 2: If you do qualify,

  • Go to your VTAC account

  • Click the tab that says SEAS application

  • To find this criteria it will be under Category 1: Personal information and location.

Ensure you tick ‘YES’ for this category to secure this criteria of unrepresented school is shown in your application.

This means universities who receive your application can be sure to see this!

Being from an underrepresented school does not put you at any disadvantage.

Universities and institutions cater to these differences in all students.

In a way through all these access schemes that provide students with a way to get into higher education.

Check out our other blog post about the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) for more VTAC related information!

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