University Open Days are coming! All you need to know

With university course preferences and selections coming around the corner, universities around Victoria are busy holding and preparing for University Open Days for potential students and parents.

Here’s a few key points you need to know about Open Days!

What are they?

University Open days are designed for students and families to first handedly see and experience the facilities the university has to offer.

With each university possessing different types of facilities and a unique atmosphere and environment, the open days will provide you a glimpse of whether or not the university suits your needs and preferences. It also can help you talk to some of the current university students and teachers from difference faculty areas to assist you on gaining a greater understanding of what to expect in your university course.

Why should I go?

Open days are very good for you to understand what your potential university course will expect from you. With alumni and current students present on the day, all your questions will be answered instantaneously and you’ll be provided with notes on the general structure of different university courses.

They are also great to see the facilities of the university and therefore help you familiarise yourself with the environment that you will potentially be staying at for the next big step in your education life.

What you should expect from open days?

At open days, you’ll be provided with walking tours of facilities and be provided with a lot of course handbooks for you to take home. There will be existing university student helpers to answer any of your questions and provide you their own experiences when they embarked on their university life.

Get involved in interactive activities set up by different faculties as well as you get to know different students that also wish to go to the same university as you.

There’s also freebies! All universities provide showcase bags which includes a few freebies and small goodies ranging from usbs, pens, sticks, keychains and notebooks.

When are they?

Here’s a quick link to all the available open days you universities have to offer starting from the 2nd of August.


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