VCE Exam Revision lectures

With VCE exams starting from the 30th of October, institutions and universities will hold VCE revision lectures that can help you focus on key concepts and questions that will have you geared up and prepared to go into your exams with confidence.

Here’s what you need to know about them.

What are VCE Exam Revision Lectures?

VCE Exam Revision Lectures are specifically designed for VCE students that are hoping to gain thorough and useful study notes for a particular subject. These lectures are usually held by experienced practitioners, university students and lecturers, VCAA assessors and State reviewers that have an expertise with that subject.

There are different types of lectures, with some offering small intensive group sessions and others holding lecture style classes where up to a hundred students can attend. These intensive lectures can also be very long, ranging with 2 to 5 hours per session with break time.

What you can expect

Depending on which institution or revision lectures that students choose to attend, students can expect to gain:

· Revision of key concepts, terms and questions

· A focus on challenging past VCE questions

· Key tips for exam preparation

· Intensive study notes and booklets

· Understand how exams are marked

Who holds these revision lectures?

· School of Academic Coaching (Enquire in class or call 0403 640 200)

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