VCE Exams: How should I prepare the day before?

The night before you begin your first VCE Exam is probably one where you’re stress levels are at their peak and it is naturally to feel very overwhelmed and anxious. This is why how you approach the day before your exam is very important to making sure you feel confident, less stressed and optimal for exam day.

Here is advice to take on how you should prepare.

1. Take a break from studying

After doing countless exams across all your VCE subjects, it can be extremely exhausting for your body and mind. This is why study breaks exist. Taking a complete break from studying and doing someone that you find relaxing is your best option to clear your mind. With a clear head space, you’re able to think things through more carefully and can help you remember content and critically think more easier.

2. Avoid heavy technology use and social media

Heavy technology can do more harm than good during times of high stress. Make sure you limit your time on technology as it strains your eyes and mind as your exposed to multiple stimuli. Also, avoid social media as you may be vulnerable to exposing yourself to other people’s situation and then potentially start self doubting your efforts.

3. Clear your study desk, notes and books

A neat and clean study space is always more appealing than a desk full of notes and open textbooks. By clearing your desk, this creates a more welcoming space and can help you de stress by not looking at a stack of exams you still have to do.

4. Prepare your essentials for exam day

Make sure you prepare everything you need to bring for exam day. This includes calculators, enough stationary, paperwork and it wouldn’t hurt to even prepare what you’ll be wearing the next day. This makes sure that you have less to worry about on your actual exam day and also gives you time to have a sufficient breakfast that will keep you energised for the day.

5. Go to bed early

Go to bed early! There’s a high chance that because you’re feeling anxious, you won’t be able to sleep straight away. If that’s the case, do a small walk around your house, go to bed and slowly focus on your breathing. This can help you relax and have enough time to make sure you sleep enough so that you can take your exam feeling the best you can.

If you’re feeling stressed, don’t know how to approach your exams or what you should be doing during this practice exam period, feel free to approach your tutors and SAC for advice. We are here to help!

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