VCE Exams: How to approach practice exams (Short Answer Based)

Contrary to the undertaking VCE practice exams for Maths and Science, which generally has clear cut methods and solutions to use, short answer or humanities-based subjects are a bit more complex and requires additional advice and help.

Here’s some key steps on how to approach English and humanities practice exams.

1. Complete un-timed practice exams

The first step with practice exams is to expose yourself to the range of questions you will potentially be asked during your real exams. This is extremely important as completing these exams will let you ascertain area where you are weak at and those that you are more comfortable about. Try to attempt all questions yourself.

2. Revise all content again

After you’ve completed at least a few un-timed practice exams, answering all questions, list all the questions you are unsure about. Revise the content that is linked to that question and try to refine all your answers for EVERY question.

3. Seek feedback and correction

In correcting your work, write comments on how different your response is compared to the example response. Once you’ve completed that and are content and confident with your refined answers, pass your practice exam to your teachers, tutors or even peers to assess.

4. Take feedback into consideration and refine answers

In this process, try to take the feedback and apply it to how you answer your questions. Refine those questions until you are content with your answers. In this process, also make sure that you are confident that you understand all the content (in both your weak and strong areas).

5. Start timed condition exams

Complete your exams under time conditions now. Afterwards, check the quality of your answer when you are correcting. Don’t refine your answers yet and let a tutor or teacher check. After feedback, refine your answers and repeat this process after you have completed more practice exams.

Hope this guide helps! If you are still unsure if your responses are adequate enough or how many marks you might be given in each response, feel free to bring your exams to SAC for tutors to check!

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