VCE Practice Exams: How many should I do?

With VCE Exams beginning soon, most students should be completing practice exams under timed conditions in order to prepare for the actual exams.

A popular question that arises around VCE practice exams is: How many should I do? Under what conditions should I do them? Which ones should I mainly focus on?

Here are some key recommendations you can consider when doing your VCE practice exams.

Quality over Quantity

When completing your VCE exams, make sure that you focus on quality NOT quantity. It is better if you are able to understand every question you get correct and those you get wrong or can improve on. Although completing a higher number of practice exams will expose you to a wider range of questions, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you completely understand the question and are able to complete it to the small standard every time. Practice on consistently of your answers and making sure you understand EVERY aspect and possible responses you can have.

Un-timed conditions

Starting practice exams can often be intimidating at first as you familiarise yourself with the standard of questions and the structure of the exam. This is why completing an exam without being timed is a good starting point as you will be able to take your time to understand the question and complete it in a relaxed manner.

Timed conditions

Completing exams under timed conditions is when you feel that you understand the difficulty level of the exam, the general structure and the mark allocation of each type of question. Time conditions gears you to complete exams when you are under pressure and will help you profoundly in your time management in preparation for your real exams.

Key VCE practice exams

There are a range of different institutions that will provide you then an ample amount of practice exams. Teachers will generally provide you some set practice exams in the past years. Ask them for more when you have completed all of them and UNDERSTAND all the questions.

However, key VCE practice exams that you have to complete would be the official VCAA exams from past years, especially at least from the previous three years.

School of Academic Coaching also provides great and comprehensive practice exams, so make sure you ask for them (or more!).

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