VCE Subject Selection: Maths Stream

Are you having a hard time deciding which Maths stream you should take in VCE? Here's an overview of the different streams to help you decide!

Further Mathematics

In Further mathematics, students will focus on the area of study, ‘data analysis,’ and will learning different methods and theories to apply in those data. Key learning activities include: problem solving, application of theory in data sets and active use of CAS calculator.

Choose this if you enjoy:

  • Problem solving

  • Data analysis and application of theory

  • Using technology (CAS calculator)

Mathematical Methods

Mathematical Methods is an intermediate stream of maths where the primarily focus is on the application of methods to solve key maths problems. Key learning activities include: Constructing graphs on CAS calculators, application of models and functions, probability and quadratics.

Choose this if you enjoy:

  • Solving maths problems with a variety of different methods

  • Using technology to solve problems

  • Analysis of graphs

  • Logical use of methods for problem solving

Specialist Mathematics

Specialist mathematics is an advanced stream of maths that focuses on functions, relations and graphs whilst using different methods to obtain a set of answers. Key learning activities include: extensive operation of CAS calculator, application of methods, modelling tasks and advanced use of formulas.

Choose this if you enjoy:

  • Solving worded problems with a variety of mathematical situations

  • Advanced application and logical use of methods to solve problems

  • Using technology to model

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