VCE: University Course Preferences

With University course selection and preferences being undertaken for thousands of VCE high school students, this whole process of course selection can be overwhelming and incredibly difficult.

Here are some key tips you can consider in choosing your university course.

Career path

If there is a specific career or occupation you hope to be (for example, being a pharmacists or a journalist), pick a specialised course. Specialised courses offer an accelerated program that usually offers a required placement opportunity as work experience.

Course prerequisites

Research the courses on your preference list thoroughly and make sure you know their subject pre requisites. You won’t be able to get into a course if you do not meet the mandatory pre requisite scores.

Course Fee type

Financial capacity is an important aspect that is usually overlooked. Some courses will make you pay immediately prior to your commencement in full amount, while others (most commonly) will always you to attain HECS, where you’ll borrow money from the government and pay it after your university degree.


Pick a course that interests you and try to steer away from courses that your friends or family tell you to take. In the end, you will be the one studying the course and choosing your own pathway.

If you are still unsure about your course choices and preferences, feel free to book a session with your own school course counselor, contact the university directly or head into SAC, where there are many current university students that can give you advice.

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