Which English subject should I choose for VCE?

Having a hard time deciding which English VCE subject is best suited for you? Worry no more!

With the help of this kickstarter guide to the three streams of English, this will allow you to gauge the differences between the three and the pros and cons that each one.

Mainstream English VCE

Mainstream English is the most popular choice of three English subjects and there’s a reason why it is. There are four main types of essay styles and writing you’ll be assessed on; Text response, Language Analysis, Comparative text response and an oral presentation.

You’ve most likely been exposed to all these styles throughout high school, so if you find yourself comfortable writing, most students will go for this option.


The word, ‘literature,’ in itself sounds intimidating. But fear not! Literature is focused on the analysis of text response. You’ll be required to do a lot of reading and in depth analysis of given texts. The subjects allows students to critically analyse how concepts and ideas with text relate to real life situations. Although structured, literature allows flexibility in essay writing so it’s perfect for those that love books and are a bit creative.

English Language

English language is a very formulaic type of English. It explores the way language is used and how it affects the overall text analysed. You’ll learn new concepts and vocabulary that explain and describe language such as lexicon, prosody and syntax. Because of its structured analysis, it’s highly recommended for students that enjoy maths and sciences.

Everyone has a different writing style and will prefer one english subject over another. Play to your strengths and choose the subject you enjoy! That will guarantee better marks and a more enjoyable VCE experience. Hope this guide helps!

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