Why Is Maths So Important?

We know that in school we have subjects - like maths - that we have to do, and are required to have classes for.

Sometimes we question, when are we ever going to use this subject and why do we need to do it in school?

Well let's put it this way.

Maths not only:

  • Develops our problem-solving skills to analyse and evaluate ways to solve problems

  • Makes shopping so much easier

  • It is also a prerequisite for many university courses.

  • Develops our problem-solving skills to analyse and evaluate ways to solve problems

We use our maths skills to critically think about the world, and analyse situations.

They help us solve problems and search for the solution to our dilemmas.

All those problem-solving questions that we do and the formulas that we learn combine to enhance our skills in making us all problem-solvers.

Have a go at the question and see if you can work out what each icon’s value is!

The way in which we work out what each value the fruit is, has come from learning about the ways to problem-solve.

We evaluate the information we know and use it effectively to solve the problem!

It Makes shopping so much easier

Shopping is a great way to destress from work but when those discount prices come up and they aren’t deducted from the actual price, then it becomes a little less fun.

If you know this simple rule shopping can become a lot less stressful!

It’s called the 10-rule in which you subtract 10% off the product price.

The bubble tea shop is having a promotion, buy 4 and get 15% off.

Our total before applying the discount will be $30.00.

Before you start bringing out your phones and using the calculator.

Let’s look at it 15%; if broken down we would have 10% and 5%.

First, we’ll look at 10% of $30.00, we just need to move the decimal one place to the left so that’s $3.00 from the total.

Next, we have 5% left, we know this is just half of 10.

So, half of $3.00 is $1.50.

Now if we add those two values together $3.00 + $1.50 = $4.50

That is the discount we subtract from the original price of the bubble tea.

So our total would be $25.50.

Easy peasy right!

Don’t you just love how numbers add up.

Alright and lastly,

A prerequisite for university courses

You’ll be surprised by how many courses actually need maths as a prerequisite to get into the course.

You have the standard courses like education, science, biomed, and

accounting, but here are some subjects that may not have sprung to mind:

  • Nursing

  • Psychology

  • Philosophy

  • Dietetics

  • Geography

If you want a full list, check out the link below to have a full scope of them all!


For many of the courses you may be considering, mathematics has been listed as very helpful!

So, regardless of the course you are looking to do, maths is a great subject to do in VCE to prepare yourself for uni!

Studies in Australian have found that many students who enter university have come unprepared for their degrees.


It’s like studying for an upcoming SAC and nothing that you studied for is on it!

You think you’re prepared… but turns out you really aren’t.

Don’t give up yet though, because at SAC we got you prepared for any upcoming sacs or assessment you may have!

Check out our website for more information on our available classes and times.

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Our aim is to study smarter, not harder!

As you can see, maths rules a lot of things and occurs in almost everything you do.

If you didn’t do maths, then you may not understand my maths joke, but I’m 2² to say it.

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