VCE English

Extract themes from a text and construct a concise piece of writing that thoroughly displays their understanding and analysis of a text.

Analysis of persuasive pieces using critical thinking. Construct refined pieces that pinpoint persuasive techniques used by the author.

English Language

Encourage higher thinking to discuss and analyse various texts.

Develop analytical skills to identify and discuss key persuasive techniques used in piece of writing.

English Literature

Students are provided with ample resources in order to guide them along their journey of exploring texts.

Encourage students to think deeply about the themes and the social context of a text’s time.


Further Maths

Classes emphasise exam style questions to ensure that students are well prepared for the VCAA exams.

The moduli that SAC focuses on are linear relations, measurement and trigonometry, matrices and networks.

Maths Methods

Ample exam preparation help from highly trained mathematics tutors, ensuring that students are well prepared for exam settings. 

Specialist Maths

Both technology active and technology free skills are practised in order to ensure that students are capable of using their CAS calculators to approach difficult questions.

Key concepts taught in Specialist Mathematics include complex numbers, vectors, mechanics, trigonometry, calculus, matrices and statistics.

Technology active and technology free problems are explored so that any problem can be solved.



Biology is the fundamental study of life and organisms, including relationships between living beings and non-living beings.

Topics covered include unity and diversity, organisms and their environment, signatures of life and continuity and change.


Following the AusVELS curriculum, students can identify key concepts and develop the best techniques to accurately answer exam questions.

Key topics include: the methodical approach of hypothesising, comprehending theories, analysing systems using models, collecting relevant data, limitations of practicals, and extrapolating data.


At the molecular level, students develop appreciation of the role of experimental evidence in the formation of new theories and knowledge in chemistry.

SAC covers four key areas, including: the big ideas of chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical pathways and chemistry at work.


Understand and explain the underlying mental factors in a social or private setting.

Psychology aims to be able to describe, explain, predict and control the behaviour and mental processes of others.


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