3 Ways To Stay Fit During Quarantine

August 16, 2020
SAC Tutoring

Let’s face it - lockdown hasn’t been very kind to us. 

Mentally and physically, we’ve all been hit with the procrastination bug. 

We’ve been binging on Netflix, devouring snacks, and sleeping till noon. 

Well, maybe that’s just us.

But after a while on this routine, we’ve been finding that our bodies aren’t exactly thanking us.

If our bodies aren’t happy, then our mindsets will be distorted and warped, and we’ll fall even deeper into the endless spiral that is the lockdown routine.

Instead of debating whether Carol Baskin killed her husband or finishing your third pint of ice cream, try out a few of these ideas to get your blood pumping and your body working!

1. Walking Your Pet

Going for a brief walk with your pet is the most basic form of exercise. 

Our dogs, cats, reptiles, guinea pigs, whichever pet you have is your best friend. 

Going on a walk is not only beneficial for them, but it is also a great way to incorporate at least half an hour of exercise into your routine every day.

Walking with your pet is a very chill and low intensity way of staying fit, so if you’re not down to smash out 100 crunches or a five minute plank, this one’s for you.

You may even bring them to a new route in your neighborhood that you haven’t been yet, just to make things interesting for yourself and for your friend!

Sure, not everyone has a dog. 

Maybe you have a dog-like cat that is keen on accompanying you on a walk down your neighborhood? 

Alternatively, you can walk solo, or grab one family member to keep you company.

2. Online Classes

YouTube is our best friend when it comes to free tutorials, especially when it comes to workouts and classes.

A lot of personal trainers and fitness bloggers love uploading variations of their daily workouts, so why not try and follow along with their fitness journey and start your own?

The best thing about online classes is that you get to do these workouts in the comfort of your own home, whether it be in your bedroom, your living room, or your backyard.

YouTube has a vast variety of low intensity to high intensity workouts, so you can go ahead and make a playlist of videos according to how intense you want your workouts to be.

It’s always best to begin with low intensity, before gradually moving your way up the scale.

Who knows, maybe you’ll quickly grow old of the low intensity workouts, and you’ll be bench pressing like a pro!

3. Lifting Household Items

“I’d rather break my arms than make two trips.” — Every person ever when unloading groceries from the car.

Honestly, strangulation of plastic bags around your arms and wrists from carrying groceries can be a great way to get your blood pumping and your body moving.

Although, simply unloading them from your parents’ car isn’t enough to keep you fit long term.

Try and turn it into a workout routine, perhaps by squatting whenever you unload a heavy item, lunging whenever a semi-heavy item appears, or lifting a canned item or two above your head.

Better yet, try and make circles with your arms with a full milk carton in each hand

This is probably one of the more goofy and fun ways to make things interesting in your fitness regime, especially if you get your siblings involved, if you have any.

Go ahead and give it a crack! It won’t even feel like a workout!