Kindergarten to Year 12 VCE Tutoring in English, Maths, Science and Selective Entry

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Looking to excel and accelerate

Studying ahead brings many benefits - freeing up more time in the future so that you can focus more on the difficult subjects.
Here are some ways to accelerate and challenge your learning

Or are you struggling to catch up?

Learning gaps are real issues in students’ education. A small learning gap can very quickly grow and widen. This interrupts the student’s ability to further understand and learn newer concepts in the future.

Leave no misunderstandings to chance and take charge of your learning today with SAC!

We go through every question step-by-step to ensure our students fully understand the content.

What we teach

Why SAC Tutoring works

For every young ambitious individual around the world, SAC Tutoring makes learning simple, smarter and seamless.

We aim to unlock your child's potential and support them to achieve their goals.

By focussing on skills that will be used in their VCE studies, our students are equiped to achieve the results required for Tertiary Education Entry!

How is SAC Tutoring different to other centres?

Live-Streamed Classes

Recorded Videos

Interactive Classes

Weekly Quizzes

Regular Progress Reports

Weekly Study Tips

Specially Curated
Study Materials

Homework Help

Professionally Trained Tutors

30 Day Money Back

Breakdown of Questions

Sequential Learning




At SAC, your child's education comes first

We ensure our lessons are engaging and enjoyable so your child enjoys learning.

Our tutors are trained to be the perfect balance of fun and educational to keep your child motivated!

This is just one of the ways we build confidence and good learning habits in our students.

What you'll receive in our tutoring lessons

Highly trained and regularly assessed World Class Tutors
All SAC tutors undergo rigorous training and continuous assessments to ensure their quality of teaching meets our exceptional standards.
Exclusive materials and resources
Our workbooks are written and created by registered teachers and examiners. Only students at SAC have access to our workbooks.
Student progress reports, feedback and learning plans
All SAC tutors undergo rigorous training and continuous assessments to ensure their quality of teaching meets our exceptional standards.
20 Years of Experience Helping Families
In addition to our students emerging confident and capable, parents also get that peace of mind knowing their child is in good hands.
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Our Melbourne Tutoring Locations


27 - 39 Clarke Rd,
Springvale South
(Spring Parks Valley Primary School)


Coming Soon...


119 Blackburn Rd,
Doncaster East

Melbourne CBD

Coming Soon...

Point Cook

23 Bergamot Drive,
Point cook
(Point Cook Senior College)

Glen Waverley

Coming Soon...

St. Albans

82 Alfrieda St
St. Albans

Why our students love SAC Tutoring

I used to have a lot of fear at school when I could not understand a certain topic or chapter in class. I used to give up so easily. Now, with SAC Tutoring's help, I have gained so much more confidence and developed joy in learning new concepts. My tutor at SAC really teaches every concept and breaks it down step-by-step for me, to make sure that I understand and learn.

- Calvin K.
My daughter's teacher at school told us that she has learning gaps and that they have to be filled quickly or else she will miss out more in her learning. So we enrolled her into SAC Tutoring's 1 on 1 classes. Her tutor, Donna is so friendly and helpful. Not only is she catching up now, she is also studying ahead of her peers! Thank you :) 

- Hidaya A's parents.
I started 1 on 1 tutoring classes with SAC when I was only in Kinder. Now I'm in Grade 2 group classes and I love writing short stories, especially narrative writing. I will be learning persuasive writing soon and I really look forward to it because I love to learn! 

- Anthony K.
I hear that my friends go to tutoring after school so one day I tagged along to try out a lesson. Then, I have been attending every lesson ever since! It is fun, helpful and interesting. I like how I can ask for help at any time and not have to trouble my parents.  

- Amber H.
I've been a student at SAC Tutoring since 2015. I am now in Year 8 and I am definitely enjoying the perks of learning far ahead of my classmates at school. I have also sat the Selective School exam and secured a place in Suzanne Cory High School in 2021. Thanks to SAC Tutoring for enhancing my maths, writing and reasoning skills! 

- William N.
I love going to SAC Tutoring because I get to learn so much. There are so many topics and chapters that I don't understand from school but my tutor makes sure that I learn everything properly! I was below my year level in my school reports before, and now I am at year level, thanks to SAC Tutoring! 

- Yana M.
I was scared of tutoring because I didn't know how to do my homework at home. But SAC helps me with my homework from school and in tutor so that I am not scared anymore. I can now read and write above my year level. I also love problem solving in Maths.

- Trang P.
SAC Tutoring's masterclasses are the real deal. I attend VCE English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Specialist Maths and Maths Methods here. Every lesson has been so helpful. My sac scores range from highs to very highs, all thanks to SAC Tutoring for their approachable teachers, easy-to-understand steps and insightful resources. These are absolute must-haves to be successful in VCE.

- Ashwin K.
I used to think that tutoring is boring and a waste of time when I went to another centre in the past. Thankfully, I found SAC Tutoring and every class is fun! My tutor challenges me to do my best and makes sure that I am able to understand the work before I go home every lesson.

- Casey L.


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