We teach understanding to ensure you know all the basics in English and Math before starting your high school life.

The topics we cover are seen consistently throughout Year 7 to Year 10. The basics taught in our primary school course translate over to VCE as well.

Both English and Maths are taught in the span of our 2 hour lesson.

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Grade 1


We begin teaching the fundamentals of reading and writing in Grade 1.

We ensure students are able to understand simple sentences and their contexts.


We build confidence with numbers and place values.

We introduce counting to 100, addition and subtraction.

Grade 2


Write variations of texts; recount, informative, instructive and imaginative writing.

Write and comprehend the concept of beginning, middle and end of stories.


Focus on multiplication tables, introduce doubles and long division.

Decimals are introduced upon the review of placement value.

Grade 3


Grammar is established including tense and contractions.

Introduction to reading comprehension


Adding and subtracting of fractions using simple fractions.

Introduced to long division with decimals.

Grade 4


Grammar, vocabulary and sentence composition are covered in Year 4.

Reading comprehension with advanced vocabulary.


Decimals and  percentages are reviewed.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions.

Grade 5


Introduction to opinionated writing for students to express their thoughts and beliefs.

Chapter summaries are used to consolidate understanding of the texts.


Worded problems are more pronounced, as concepts of time and money are mastered.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals and fractions.

Grade 6


Increase proficiency in all types of texts, including recount, informative, imaginative, instructive and opinionated writing.

Review key vocabulary  with reading comprehension. Chapter summaries are more in-depth


Students learn to calculate areas of simple shapes.

Percentages, decimals, and concepts of time and money are consistently used.

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