Here are some quick solves to any problems you may encounter while trying to sign up to our live-streamed classes!

If you have any questions regarding our face-to-face classes, please contact us directly by calling our office on 0403 640 200.

Downloading Zoom

On the desktop, click this link:

Click the download button under "Zoom Client for Meetings" as shown in the image.

For Mobile Devices, head over to the App Store or Google Play and search up 'zoom'.

Download the application and that's it!

Joining A Class

After you have downloaded zoom, open up the application and enter the meeting ID which you will receive via email.

Enter your child's full name in the space provided and click join!

This is the same for both desktop and mobile devices.

I Can't Hear Anything!

Zoom requires you to join the audio to be able to hear and talk to our tutor!

To hear and speak, simply click the 'Join Audio' button.

Desktop: Bottom left of the screen
Mobile device: Top right of the screen

I Can't See Anything!

First, try to view the class in 'Gallery View'. This will show you all the screens and videos that are being displayed.

Desktop: Top right of the screen
Mobile Devices: Top left of the screen

If this doesn't work, try to rejoin the meeting by following the steps above!