5 Simple Back to School Tips

August 16, 2020
SAC Tutoring

Let’s be real - online school has gotten us into a habit of waking up, marking yourself as present for class, and then going back to sleep.

It can sometimes me a bit boring and tedious having to get your school work and supplies ready for school.

Some people enjoy it, but some of us aren’t exactly the biggest fans of organisation and preparation.

For those who miss school, and even for those who despise it, we have a few tips to prepare you guys for the epic return.

1. Sleep Schedule

Wake up at 4pm, sleep at 5am.

Sound about right to you?

Unfortunately, your brain and your body isn’t going to be thanking you by the time school starts again.

Since the Government has estimated that schools can resume within the coming month, it’s best to start practicing regulating your sleeping pattern…effective immediately.

You guys are responsible for your own bodies, and ultimately, your own learning.

Try this out a few weeks before school by going to bed at an earlier time — say 10pm, and setting an alarm for 9am.

At first it will feel like torture, but after a couple of days of practice, your bodies will respond to this new sleeping pattern like second nature.

If you find that you’re having trouble sleeping early, refer to our other blog post about Quarantine exercises, as wearing out your body will be sure to make you more tired.

2. Meal Prep

Meal planning is a surprisingly fun way to get yourselves into the habit of school preparation.

Anything to do with food is bound to be fun, so go ahead and give meal prep a quick YouTube search, and you’ll find tons of easy and no fuss lunch ideas to bring to school.

Buzzfeed’s food channel, Tasty, has loads of simple lunch ideas that are so easy to make.

You can accompany your parents on your weekly essentials run to get any supplies.

Meal prepping actually gives you something to look forward to in school, for those whose favourite subject is Lunch.

Studies have actually shown that you are more likely to finish your own lunch, compared to that of the lunch your parents prepare for you.

This also shows your parents that you are becoming more responsible, and it actually helps take the workload off them, so you’re really doing yourselves and your parents a favor.

Go ahead, give it a crack!

3. Pre-Packing

This tip is super quick, and will put your mind at ease.

If you’re someone who is always paranoid about forgetting things, pre-packing your school bag is the best way to go back to school without a fuss.

A week before school resumes, grab all your textbooks, stationery, and another essentials and place them in your bag in a way that you can see all of the items.

For lunches, go ahead and pop them in the fridge in order for which days you want to bring them.

This way you won’t be running around the night before or the day of, trying to figure out where your CAS calculator has run off too.

You can rest assured knowing that you won’t have a stressful morning when school starts.

4. Study Guides

We can all relate to not even touching our designated novels for English until our very first test.


If you’ve found that you’ve left your content to the last minute, spend the next couple of weeks looking through your text study guides.

Study guides are designed to present you information about the text in a clear and concise manner, which will help you retain information more effectively.

But reading them alone is not enough to maintain the information.

Go ahead and take notes on the study guides (refer to our bullet journalling video for note taking inspo), and you’re on your way to academic success!

5. To-Do-List 

I’ll do that at 6pm.

6pm hits.

Oops, looks like I’ll do that at 7pm.

And the endless cycle continues.

Instead of being trapped in the endless labyrinth, try setting up a to-do-list that will remind you of what time you are supposed to complete the task.

This is especially helpful in the lead up to school, because you guys are bound to have a load of due assignments.

A great app to use is the Reminders app on your phone, for those who use Apple.

This app allows you to set reminders for tasks you are meant to do for the day, and yells at you when the time comes.

Although at first it may be annoying to have the alarm chime at every hour, it will force you to get into the habit of productivity.

Trust us, by the time you start school, you’ll be thanking this app.

We know that going back to school isn’t everyone’s idea of a wild time.

But think of it this way - using these tips to prepare yourself will make it less of a sucky time.

Besides, you guys will be able to enjoy some fresh air (hopefully with no corona) and social time at school with your cool new lunches.

Go ahead and give these tips and tricks a go, and let us know how you go.