7 Exam Room Essentials

September 30, 2020
SAC Tutoring

Stressing over VCE exams?

Having dreams about breaking all your pencils?

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

There are a couple of things - well, nine - that you guys should pack a couple days before the exam so that you can have some peace of mind.


Since tissue boxes aren’t allowed to be brought in, carry a pile of them with you.

There’s nothing worse than getting the sniffles in the middle of an exam, and it’s so awkward having to raise your hand just to get a tissue.

Save the drama and bring in a big pile!

A Bunch of Pencils

Are you a nervous pencil breaker?

To be completely safe, bring in a bunch of HB pencils that have been sharpened to perfection.

This is especially important for Math, Science, and Arts subjects.

After all, how can you work out questions and sketch designs without a trusty bunch of grey lead pencils?

Just be sure not to bring in a pacer, as you are only allowed to use HB pencils.

A Stack of Black Pens

A good tip for you guys is to test out different pen brands through the year until you find your perfect pen.

A good pen will be smooth flowing and inky, and won’t run out of ink within a couple of uses.

Black pen is usually more chill to look at in an exam, so if you’d like to relax your mind, go for the black.

A Handful of Blue Pens

Blue pens are one of the two colours you’re allowed to use to write in an exam.

If you write in red, purple, or even orange - sorry, that ain’t gonna cut it!

Make sure you have around three or four blue pens just in case one of them dies on you.

You’ll have plenty more to keep you going!

An Eraser

This is a totally underrated item.

If it keeps you motivated, grab a cute or aesthetic one from Smiggle or Typo to keep you going!

An eraser is helpful in Math, Science, and Arts subjects - but make sure you don’t erase your working out for Math, as the assessors will want to see how you got your answer.

A Bottle of Water

You don’t wanna pass out in the middle of the exam!

Water is your best friend in an exam room.

It keeps your brain alive, and will keep you hydrated so that your brain won’t go swirling on you.

Just make sure you don’t drink too much in one go.

You don’t wanna end up going to the bathroom and wasting precious writing time!

CAS Calculator 

This is a no brainer for Math subjects.

Going into a Math exam without a calculator is like walking into it blind.

Make sure you’re not going into it blind by charging it the night before.

Make sure it’s actually charging before you hit the Z’s, or else you’ll end up with a flat calculator.

Exams can sound so stressful and so evil.

But as long as you’re prepared with these nine items and you do some breathing and relaxation, you’re all set.

If you guys would like some more tips and advice, go ahead and check out our video about Exam Essentials.