Help! My children have fallen behind in their studies during the lockdown

August 16, 2020
SAC Tutoring

So your child is struggling to keep up with their workload.

They’re not the only one.

In fact, online learning is actually a big step away from your typical face to face classroom environment.

The most important thing to keep in mind, is that you should not be blaming this on them.

It’s not uncommon for a student to lose motivation in a time like this, especially because there are no teachers to keep them accountable in person.

How can you blame your child, if there is no teacher and no teaching methods being used to educate them?

All your child has is a screen, some books, and a list of instructions, and they are expected to take it from there.

Some students actually avoid doing Distance Ed subjects because of the lack of accountability from teachers, as well as the ineffective teaching methods.

Although it may be very frustrating to see your child suffer in their academics, bear in mind that being impatient and overbearing is not the best approach.

This approach will only discourage them further, which is super counterproductive.

Instead, try and sit down with them and take it slow.

Ask them to guide you along in what they’re currently working on, and how they’re feeling about the content.

This practice will let your child know that you support not just their academic performance, but them as individuals.

Ensure that they are studying in a clean and well lit study area, and that the entire house is considerate of the level of noise while your child is studying.

With regular check ups and certain allocated study times, your child will be sure to catch up with their work load.

If your child needs help with learning online, our teaching methods are very similar to a face-to-face classroom environment. How so? Our whiteboard is projected onto the virtual classroom, we teach every question step-by-step and allow students to present their work or questions at any time.

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